The Devil’s Religion

The more I study about Islam and ISIS, the more thoroughly convinced I become that this gutter religion was the brain child of Satan himself.  Had Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin had a round table discussion, putting their minds together and trying their best to devise the most disgusting, sordid, satanic religion they could create they could not have come up with anything more ungodly than Islam.  Mein Kampf cannot hold a candle to the Koran in its teachings to rid the planet of none but the most evil.  It is through the religion of Islam that Satan is going to do his worst to God’s creation.  And, sad as it may seem, we haven’t even begun to see the worst of Islam.  The bloodletting in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is but the tiniest tip of an iceberg larger than most countries of earth.   I am supremely happy that I am a member of a generation that will not witness or suffer the worst Islam will deliver to this planet, including all the nations thereof.

Those who are urging the acceptance of more and more Muslims into the United States are profoundly ignorant of what a devout Muslim believes and accepts as utter truth.  If these blind “do-gooders” would spend a few dollars and buy a Quran (Koran), and then read what that gutter religion teaches as divine truth they might have a change of heart.  Those bleeding heart Hollywood actors and actresses who weep for the plight of the poor Muslims need to have a devout radicalized Muslim move in to the house next door to them.  Ellen Degeneres sure wouldn’t want a devout Muslim moving in next door to her and her wife.  And, on Oscar night, when those scantily clad actresses come out of their mansions to go parade in front of the cameras on the red carpet, they wouldn’t want a radicalized devout Muslim living next door to them.  That red carpet would be redder still with their blood!  To be continued….


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