The Scriptures CAN Be Understood!

I believe I have touched on this subject before – the “KEY” to understanding the scriptures.   It was revealed to me many years ago that scripture revelation and obedience are conjoined (or Siamese) twins.  But they are conjoined twins that cannot be separated.  In order to have scripture truth revealed to one’s mind that searcher of the scriptures must OBEY what God reveals to their mind.  The FIRST truths God reveals to the searcher are His moral precepts and commands – NOT the deep, secret things of prophecy.  As one brings their life into adherence to God’s moral laws and judgments, and as he, or she, begins to continue to study God’s Word, searching for the truth, THEN God’s Spirit leads and guides in granting that human mind greater and greater understanding in the Word of God.

To the liar, God says, “Stop lying and I will grant you more truth.”  In Daniel 9:13, the prophet speaks of how one must turn from their iniquities in order to understand God’s truth.  God does not grant understanding to rebels, and when we continue knowingly in sin, going our own way, breaking God’s commandments, then we are nothing more or less than rebels against God and His way of life.

God’s truths often run counter to human understanding and human, or fleshly, desires.  Therefore, those human beings not fully surrendered to God and His way find His truth unacceptable to their way of thinking.  They then hold on to their error much like a dog will hold on to a towel, or piece of cloth of some kind, as you try to pull it from its mouth.  Someone who has not read the Bible from start to finish even one time will then think they comprehend the scriptures far better than someone who has read the Bible from start to finish fifty or sixty times or more!  And how does one reason with that type of thinking???!!!  It would be similar to my thinking I understand the V8 engine as well, if not better, than a General Motors design engineer whose job is to perfect the V8 engine!

Many of the youthful pastors that I write have this mindset.  Granted the title “Reverend” by their peers a few years previously upon finishing seminary and going before an “ordination council” of a handful of like-minded preachers, they look down their noses at someone they see as lacking such approval.  Then WHY do I keep sending articles out to such personalities?  Because I do not know just who might have an open mind, who just might be prompted to think a bit more deeply.  And, from time to time, someone says, “I thank God for you, Don Wiley.”

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