Some time ago my brother asked me the question, “How did penguins make it from the Arctic to Noah’s vicinity in order to be saved from the flood.”  This is what came to my mind:
If God can implant the migratory instinct in birds, fish, etc., to migrate hundreds even thousands of miles and unerringly return to the same vicinity they departed from a year before – some even making the trip for the first time – then why couldn’t He implant in the minds of penguins to trek from wherever they were THEN – thousands of years ago – to Noah’s vicinity.  Pre-flood conditions differed widely from the conditions and landscape we see today.  And who knows who or what were the pre-flood ancestors of the penguin?
This is not to say there are not any lingering mysteries regarding just how the miracle of Noah’s ark was brought about.  I repeat: With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  God can bring the dead back to life, give sight to one born blind, flood the entire earth, etc., etc., etc.  God has no limits, no boundaries, no impossibilities
I can as readily accept the story of Noah and the flood as I can accept Jonah and the whale, or great fish, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, or any other miracle.  A miracle is a miracle.  It is an event that cannot be explained.  It shatters all arguments against its being true, factual or even believable.
Christ’s servant (Galatians 1:10),
Donald Wiley
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