Ellen G. White’s Great Error

The main mistake made by Ellen G. White in her attempt to interpret the Book of Revelation and other Bible prophecies was that she thought she was living in the time of the end then.  She tried to fit the prophecies and symbolism to fit the events of her own time and day.

Recently I listened to the entirety of a video on the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation 11.  Nowhere at no time did it say in the video that this was a Seventh Day Adventist minister speaking.  It didn’t have to.  As soon as I heard the fanciful interpretation of who the Two Witnesses were, I knew that I was listening to Ellen G. White.

When one has bought into false doctrine, they will hold to that doctrine even when reason, logic and scripture after scripture screams, “that is wrong!”  The Two Witnesses will lie dead in the street in Jerusalem – NOT Paris, France.  The Two Witnesses are two anointed prophets, living human beings, men – NOT the Old and New Testaments (verses 9 and 10 of Revelation 11).  Jesus Christ was not crucified in Paris, France.  Surprise!!  (See verse 8 of Revelation 11).  The Old and New Testaments were not put to death and then had the breath of life put back in them three-and-a-half days later.  Nor did they then stand on their feet causing all who witnessed their being brought back to life to be filled with great fear (verses 7 thru 11).  A loud voice from heaven did NOT call out to the Old and New Testaments to “Come up here,” nor did they then ascend to heaven in a cloud, their enemies witnessing this event (verse 12), nor did Paris, France suffer a great earthquake in that same hour (verse 13).  And I could go on and on and on, dispelling the many errors of Ellen G. White regarding the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11.

.  Spiritual blindness and deception is staggering sometimes.  How can anyone buy into such an obvious distortion of scripture.  The ministers of Ellen G. White know they must defend her interpretation of any and all scriptures as they long ago accepted her as a prophetess and they know that scripture declares that in order to be a true prophet or prophetess one’s prophecies MUST be accurate and right on the money 100% of the time.  Any error whatsoever reveals the supposed prophet or prophetess to be a false prophet regardless of how much truth they have.  Ellen G. White spoke a lot of truth.  She also spoke a lot of error.  Herbert W. Armstrong spoke a lot truth.  He also taught a lot of error.  Billy Graham has spoken a lot of truth.  He has also taught a lot of error.  We humans are prone to err and err greatly.  That is why scripture warns us that we must PROVE all things of a spiritual nature.  Ellen G. White failed to do that and in that failure has led hundreds of thousands into embracing those errors.  May God be merciful to her in that day of judgment when she will answer to her Lord for the errors she taught.  And may God be merciful to the ministers who have presented her to their congregations as a prophetess to be listened to and believed.  I am not saying Ellen G. White was not a redeemed woman.  But redeemed men and women are not infallible.  We can all err and err greatly.

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