What A Future!

No one born human will ever outgive God.  No spirit being existing now or that has ever existed will ever outgive God.  Our Creator, who created all things by Jesus Christ, stated clearly and unequivocally many centuries ago through His anointed prophet Isaiah: “You (members of the human family) will seek me and you will find me when you search for me with all your heart.”
To all born human God avows, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.  You are mine.  I have bought you with a price – the shed blood of my beloved and ever obedient Son, Jesus Christ.”  No human who has ever drawn breath has ever been forgotten by God – no Chinese peasant, no aboriginal Australian, no Babylonian slave – NO ONE!  Though dealing primarily with His elect sons and daughters since Adam and Eve, still He allows that whosoever will may come to Him and have a relationship with Him.  Those cut off from him since that first pair heard His voice, those blinded and deceived by a myriad of false concepts, beliefs and religions die lost TEMPORARILY.  Their call and invitation to join the great family of God is future.  All those in the graves, all those long ago disintegrated and returned to dust, will someday hear the call to come forth from oblivion.  And they, too, will have a grand and wondrous opportunity to be redeemed, given God’s Spirit and at last granted eternal life.
Perfected love casts out all fear – fear of disease, fear of death, fear of defeat and failure.  I view my grave in Lexington as a mere place to lie down and take my rest in deep, profound sleep.  It is a bed from which I shall someday arise.  Interred in the earth a natural, physical body, I shall arise an eternal spirit being and I shall be like Him, a life-giving spirit.  What a hope!  What a future!
Christ’s Servant (Galatians 1:10),
Donald Wiley




Atheists are a dime a dozen.  To name a few: Jesse Ventura, Howard Stern, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg, Daniel Radcliffe, Lance Armstrong, Seth Macfarlane, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Jack Nicholson – and the list goes on and on.  These folks might be excused for rejecting some religion, some church denomination, various religious practices, fake faith healers and the like.  But when an intelligent, knowledgeable person categorically states, “There is no God,” well, God’s Word says such a person is a fool twice!  (See Psalm 14:1 and Psalm 53:1).

Why would God’s Word, the Bible, make such a blatant dogmatic statement?  Because creation demands a Creator!  Design demands a Designer – an intelligent, contemplative, thinking mind.

The atheist was described as a fool many centuries ago – actually thousands of years ago.  Now that one has myriads of examples that show forth the glory and supernatural mind of a Creator, such as nature films and astronomers discoveries, how much more foolish is one to deny the existence of a Creator???  How does one view the glorious beauty of a peacock’s beautiful plumage or the migratory habits of the monarch butterfly and the various migratory birds and animals and pass such off with the insane argument, “That all just happened by chance”?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  An age old question that has but one logical answer: the chicken had to have come first.  And the only way you can have a chicken without having an egg first is that the chicken must have been created with the internal apparatus to produce an egg.

How do human and animal physical systems evolve?  Such would have to evolve simultaneously and instantaneously in order for the human or animal to survive or even exist!  The circulatory and digestive systems, the reproductive and respiratory systems, the excretory, nervous and endocrine systems could not have developed over millions of years.  How could a species survive and reproduce without such systems?  They could not.

And the fossil record?  If evolution was true, the fossil record would be replete with BILLIONS and BILLIONS of intermediate examples – an almost, but not quite elephant, a pseudo-kangaroo, etc.

To be continued…….

Christ’s servant,

Donald Wiley


When one is blessed and fortunate enough to reach their mid-seventies eternity looms larger and larger on the horizon.  Earth, and the things of earth, begin to recede.  If wisdom has only grazed your mind, if one has only a dollop of common sense, if serious thought only occurs in passing, still one should ask himself, or herself, am I ready to meet my Creator face-to-face?  How sure am I He will welcome me with a smile?
I have just been re-studying the eighth chapter of Romans verse by verse, line by line, word by word.  I thank God for the miracle of the Internet as I am able to instantly bring up many different translations of that chapter.  I am able to quickly examine the Greek word for every word in that chapter.  I am able to minutely study the verb tenses.  And God rewards my industrious perusal of His sacred Word tremendously.
Peace with God is a marvelous gift.  What a comfort it is to know that if facing sudden death in any manner you can have the consolation of knowing full well that immortality and eternal life with your heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ awaits you, that though your body disintegrates in the grave, or your cremated ashes soon mingle with the earth, you will hear the voice of your Lord and Savior cry out, “Arise and enter the joy of your Lord!”
It’s not a pipe dream, folks.  It’s not a mere religious belief.  It is a fact as genuine as the fact that it is appointed unto all men once to die.  We shall all follow in the train of our parents and siblings.  Our turn will come, too.  And I look forward to that day when I can breathe out my last breath and open my eyes in eternity.
                                               “Who buys a minute’s mirth to wail a week
                                                  Or sells eternity to get a toy?
                                                   For one sweet grape who will the vine
                                                                       William Shakespeare
Christ’s Servant (Galatians 1:10),
Donald Wiley


With a rapidly growing Muslim population, Islam is projected to overtake Christianity as the world’s largest religion in a few decades, a study said.

According to Pew Research Center, Islam will be the most dominant religion in the U.S. by 2050, at which time the Muslim population in the country is expected to have doubled. And by the end of the century, Islam would be the most dominant religion in the world, LifeZette reported.

As of 2015, Muslims comprised only 24 percent of the global population. However, right now it is the fastest-growing religion worldwide.

“But while Islam is currently the world’s second-largest religion (after Christianity), it is the fastest-growing religion,” Michael Lipka of Pew Research Center wrote in an updated analysis of the study. “Indeed, if current demographic trends continue, the number of Muslims is expected to exceed the number of Christians by the end of this century.”

Large populations of Muslims today are found in the Asia-Pacific region and not in the Middle East, as many people wrongly believe. The Middle East only holds about 20 percent of the global Muslim population, while the Asia-Pacific region is home to 62 percent of Muslims in the world.

These are found in Indonesia, which is the country with the biggest Muslim population, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, India and Turkey.

In Europe, the Muslim population is also growing. Pew projects that by 2050, 10 percent of the European population will be Muslim.

Overall, the Muslim population will rise by 70 percent globally from 2015 to 2060, according to Pew’s projections.

Several factors are driving this growth. First, Muslims have more children compared to other religions. Muslim women have an average of 2.9 children, while women from other religions only have an average of 2.2 children.

Second, “Muslims are also the youngest (median age of 24 years old in 2015) of all major religious groups, seven years younger than the median age of non-Muslims.”

“As a result, a larger share of Muslims already are, or will soon be, at the point in their lives when they begin having children. This, combined with high fertility rates, will fuel Muslim population growth,” Lipka wrote.

Additionally, the migration of Muslims to other parts of the world is contributing to the increase of the Muslim population in those regions, particularly in North America and Europe.


Islam Taught In America’s Elementary Schools

A middle school in Chatham, New Jersey, is using a cartoon video to teach the Five Pillars of Islam to seventh-grade students, and now two parents have obtained legal services to fight the school district which has ignored their concerns.

Seventh graders in this school are taught: “May God help us all find the true faith, Islam.”

Also taught in the video is the Shahada, which is the Muslim prayer of conversion “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

The parents say no other religion is taught nearly to this level of detail in the “world cultures and geography” class.

The parents wanted to know who picked the curriculum, who picked the video and the accompanying PowerPoint. None of their concerns have been addressed by the school board or the superintendent.

So, the two mothers have retained legal help from the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Thomas More Law Center.

For speaking out, the moms have been attacked by members of their community.

“To me that’s not education because in order to educate you need to teach about all [religions],” said Libby Hilsenrath, one of the two mothers who is pushing back.

“Would they be comfortable teaching the doctrines of Christianity for example. Would you be comfortable in a public school to say ‘Jesus is the way and the truth and the life and no one comes to [the Father] except through me’? I don’t think so,” she said.

“I’m all in favor of teaching religion if it’s all done in the same manner and with the same depth,” added the other mother, Nancy Gayer.

The teaching is part of New Jersey’s core content standards.  America is on the same suicidal path as Europe, but it is too late to fix the problem when Islam is already embedded in our public schools!

Yet, for their common-sense objections to the video, the parents were immediately denounced by other parents and school officials as bigots, xenophobic and Islamophobic. The sensational attacks came in a newspaper op-ed, in social media, and even took the form of being ‘stared down’ at the local grocery store, they said.

“It went as far as we were ‘part of the KKK,’ which I don’t know what that has to do with this,” Hilsenrath said.

“The promotion of Islam is worse than what the mothers presented,” said Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center. “After viewing one of the videos which the seventh graders were directed to watch, I can’t imagine any objective person saying this is not Islamic indoctrination.

“Clueless school administrators across our nation are allowing this type of indoctrination to take place and it’s up to vigilant parents to stop it,” he added. “Libby and Nancy should have been praised, not pilloried.”

Concerned parents get brushed off

Hilsenrath and Gayer, with sons in different classes in the seventh grade, explained their concerns in person to the Chatham Board of Education at their Feb. 6, 2017, public meeting. Superintendent Michael LaSusa indicated that any change to the curriculum was unlikely, and the next day also refused their request to meet privately with him to discuss their concerns.

Thompson said students were shown the subtle propaganda cartoon video, “5 Pillars,” which opens with two boys, one of them a Muslim, kicking a soccer ball.

The Muslim boy teaches the non-Muslim the 5 Pillars of Islam. Then, a subtitle of bright, multi-colored words of various shapes pronounces a form of the Islamic conversion creed: “There is no god except Allah and Prophet Muhammad is His messenger.”

The cartoon ends with a sad non-Muslim boy, who suddenly smiles when the Muslim boy invites him to join him at the mosque for noon-day prayers. That is “Something the teacher can’t personally do, but does through the cartoon. Clever!” says Thompson.

The Empty Tomb

After Jesus Christ’ crucifixion and burial, the chief priests and Pharisees urged Pilate to make the tomb secure as they feared His disciples would come and steal the body and then claim He had risen from the dead.  (See Matthew 27:62-66).  When Peter entered the tomb “he beheld the linen clothes laid by themselves, and departed, wondering in himself at that which was come to pass” (See Luke 24:12).  John’s account adds: “Then came Simon Peter following him (John), and went into the sepulchre, and saw the linen clothes lie, and the napkin, that was about His head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself” (See John 20:6-7).  This proved NO ONE stole Jesus’ body, not the other disciples, not His enemies – NO ONE!  If you are going to steal a body, you
wouldn’t strip it naked before departing the tomb with the corpse.  In the reduced light of a flickering torch in a pitch black tomb, you wouldn’t attempt to neatly fold the garments placed on the dead body.  And the napkin wasn’t a dinner napkin!  It was the napkin used with a burial shroud, much larger than a dinner napkin.
And how would these disciples have gotten past the Roman guards in the first place?  And, secondly, how would they have gotten into the sealed tomb that had a large stone rolled in front of the entrance?  Why risk your life to steal a corpse?  And why feel it imperative that the corpse be stolen immediately.  Wait a few days until the Roman guard had been dismissed then steal the corpse, arguing an even greater miracle – that Jesus was resurrected from the dead long after the body had begun to decay!
The arguments of men against the resurrection of Jesus Christ are not faulty arguments.  They are a mere grasping at straws in order to deny the obvious.
As they say in Russia at Easter time, “Jesus is risen, is risen indeed!”
Christ’s Servant (Galatians 1:10),
Donald Wiley

Serial Killers Wanted

The Syrian members of ISIS are nothing more or less than serial killers who have found them a vehicle they can exploit to “do their thing”, which is slaughtering as many innocent, unsuspecting people as possible.  Think of it: an entire nation, as it were, of serial killers.  That’s exactly what they are.  Their numbers are growing because this old world has plenty of potential serial killers who will gladly enlist in ISIS in order to whet their blood thirst and do so without fear of arrest and execution.  You will see more and more recruits joining the Syrian murderers coming from countries far and wide.  The macabre videos of beheadings will draw many such perverted minds to embrace Islam.

As I have stated before, Islam will continue to grow and make inroads around the world in countries long regarded as “Christian” nations.  Those who argue for  bringing more and more Muslim refugees into the United States assure that in time the United States of America will join ranks with many other countries now regarded as Muslim nations.  This is an inevitability and but a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  Although it might not occur in your lifetime, it will occur.

I am not all that bothered by the fact that Iran appears to be on the brink of producing nuclear weapons, the most troubling thing about an Islamic nuclear power is that one already exists: Pakistan, an Islamic nation that harbored Osama bin Ladin next door to one of its military bases for years!  Pakistan is credited with possessing a hundred nuclear weapons right now.  Where other countries will not use their’s, Pakistan WILL!  I just hope our generation passes from the scene before that day arrives, but you can believe that day is coming sooner or later.

Christ’s Servant (Galatians 1:10),

Donald Wiley

The Door To Truth

Our Lord has immensely blessed me with understanding of the scriptures.  Perfect understanding??  No!  But marvelous understanding regarding foundational, basic truth of the doctrines of the early church.  He had to first sweep my mind clean from all the errors I had long ago inherited from merely accepting what various preachers had said and taught.  I, too, was of that number who ask, “How can all these people be wrong?”  To accomplish this tremendous feat, God had to first place within me a ravenous appetite for reading and pondering the Word of God.  I was given nothing short of the appetite of a starving giant.  I could not read God’s Word enough!  Five times, ten times, twenty times I read ALL the Word of God from cover to cover, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.  Thirty times, forty times, fifty times, AND MORE!

Simultaneously God placed within my mind the capacity to doubt!  Yes, doubt.  I began to question the affirmations of various well known and highly respected ministers, preachers and  theologians.  I realized that they often contradicted one another while they all proclaimed they obtained their beliefs solely from the Word of God and that they were “called” to preach.  Yet one preached “once saved, always saved,” while another dogmatically proclaimed one can most certainly lose or forfeit their salvation!  I knew both could not be right as these doctrines were polar opposites.  Somebody had to be wrong – gravely and seriously wrong!

Of course, I learned long ago that most preachers are “locked in” to their present beliefs.  A Baptist preacher lives and dies a Baptist preacher.  A Lutheran minister lives and dies a Lutheran minister.  A Roman Catholic priest – well, you can finish the sentence.  One with a mind capable of incisive logic and thinking power realizes one truth immediately: Most preachers do not really PROVE the doctrines they teach and spread to others.  If they did, you would often find preachers abandoning one denomination for another one as they discover their error and discern some other denomination has more truth than their own.

God answered my prayer some years ago for the capacity to have good judgment and the power to think more deeply.  That’s when and WHY I abandoned the path of selfish pursuits and utterly sinful living for the path of faith and righteous conduct.

It is only human to believe you are correct and scriptural in all you believe and practice, but remember the Jehovah’s Witness across the street thinks and reasons in the same fashion.  So does the Mormon next door.  God have mercy on all those who fail to study the Word of God intensely and really and truly PROVE the scripturalness of their doctrines and beliefs.  There are going to be a lot of stunned preachers at the judgment – a lot!!!

After telling me WHAT you believe, tell me WHY you believe it.  That is where most encounter a problem.  They can glibly tell you WHAT they believe, but they can’t tell you WHY they believe it other than replying, “Well, the Bible says so,” or “That’s what the Bible teaches.”  Press them further for chapter and verse, and they can give you a verse here and a verse there that does seemingly support their belief or the doctrine they are sure has ample scripture support.  But introduce into the investigation other chapters and verses that tend to show more light and a different slant on the topic at hand.  The one with the opposing view will usually dismiss the text that reveals he, or she, may be holding to doctrinal error, or they will quote a text to knock down and nullify the text you just quoted to them, thereby pitting scripture against scripture, apostle against prophet, or an apostle against the Lord He represented.

Don’t lose heart, folks.  The truth CAN be known and understood.  But the door to truth is locked and the key to that door is total surrender and absolute obedience to Jesus Christ.  Apart from that you will enter the door of confusion.  Oh, you will find a lot of company inside that door – a lot.  One will say one thing while someone else will say the very opposite, yet all the while proclaiming what they say and believe is the truth.  And, yes, they will all have some truth – but a lot of error, too.

May God grant you the heart and mind, and, yes, the courage to search for the truth in the only way possible – full surrender and continued abject obedience to Jesus Christ for you see HE is the Door!

Christ’s Servant (Galatians 1:10),

Donald Wiley

Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama is no fool.  He knew quite well his constant wearing of a ring bearing the inscription of the shahada (the Muslim statement of belief) would eventually be public knowledge.  Yet he chose to continue to wear the ring.  After all it looked much like nothing more than a wedding band.  He knew his very name belied his beliefs and background.  He knew his refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin for years would cause some to wonder.  He knew his birthplace would be called into question early on.  He knows the Islamic mindset far better than we do.  His father was an open Muslim.  He attended a Muslim school as a boy.  He knew using floodlights to color the White House with the gay rights colors immediately after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled all states must honor same-sex marriages would but inflame Islamic radicals around the world.

I have no doubt any longer that it is his intention to bring this country down, if at all possible, while still in office.  He is no friend of Christianity.  He can sing “Amazing Grace” until his face turns blue.  That was a politician expert at his craft singing those words.  We have the worst person possible in the White House (this article was originally written in June of 2016) for the times in which we live.  He knows his time is short.  You can believe he will use the next few months to further the cause of Islam as much as possible before departing the scene.  Be warned.

The Scriptures CAN Be Understood!

I believe I have touched on this subject before – the “KEY” to understanding the scriptures.   It was revealed to me many years ago that scripture revelation and obedience are conjoined (or Siamese) twins.  But they are conjoined twins that cannot be separated.  In order to have scripture truth revealed to one’s mind that searcher of the scriptures must OBEY what God reveals to their mind.  The FIRST truths God reveals to the searcher are His moral precepts and commands – NOT the deep, secret things of prophecy.  As one brings their life into adherence to God’s moral laws and judgments, and as he, or she, begins to continue to study God’s Word, searching for the truth, THEN God’s Spirit leads and guides in granting that human mind greater and greater understanding in the Word of God.

To the liar, God says, “Stop lying and I will grant you more truth.”  In Daniel 9:13, the prophet speaks of how one must turn from their iniquities in order to understand God’s truth.  God does not grant understanding to rebels, and when we continue knowingly in sin, going our own way, breaking God’s commandments, then we are nothing more or less than rebels against God and His way of life.

God’s truths often run counter to human understanding and human, or fleshly, desires.  Therefore, those human beings not fully surrendered to God and His way find His truth unacceptable to their way of thinking.  They then hold on to their error much like a dog will hold on to a towel, or piece of cloth of some kind, as you try to pull it from its mouth.  Someone who has not read the Bible from start to finish even one time will then think they comprehend the scriptures far better than someone who has read the Bible from start to finish fifty or sixty times or more!  And how does one reason with that type of thinking???!!!  It would be similar to my thinking I understand the V8 engine as well, if not better, than a General Motors design engineer whose job is to perfect the V8 engine!

Many of the youthful pastors that I write have this mindset.  Granted the title “Reverend” by their peers a few years previously upon finishing seminary and going before an “ordination council” of a handful of like-minded preachers, they look down their noses at someone they see as lacking such approval.  Then WHY do I keep sending articles out to such personalities?  Because I do not know just who might have an open mind, who just might be prompted to think a bit more deeply.  And, from time to time, someone says, “I thank God for you, Don Wiley.”