The Beautiful Face of Death

I refer to the beautiful face of death in light of the revelation given us about death in the scriptures, especially in the 15th chapter of I Corinthians.  While death is called an “enemy” in that chapter, it is shown to be such only in regard to its taking from our midst family and friends.  To the one who dies in fellowship with Jesus Christ, death is the gateway to eternal life, immortality, and an existence indescribable in its awesomeness, its wonders and its never-ending joys and triumphs.  Death is said to be swallowed up in victory by our resurrection to incorruptible immortality in the closing verses of that chapter.  With no conscious awareness of passing time in death, the moment we breathe our last is the exact same moment we are resurrected in spirit bodies far more real and beautiful than any human body.  Scripture says we shall be like Him, our Lord, our bodies shining and radiant as the sun.  It says that we shall then ever be with the Lord, eternal members of the great universe ruling family of God.  So, I stand by my statement that death has a beautiful face and ask with Paul, “O death, where is thy sting?  O grave, where is thy victory?”  The sting of death is sin and when our sins are removed from us as far as the east is from the west death then loses its sting.  The grave is no longer victorious over us for that small cell has its door flung wide open when our Master cries, “Come forth!” as He did with His friend Lazarus so long ago.  The Lord that heals me of all my ailments will heal me of even that final illness that stops my heart when at the time of resurrection He gives the command, “Live,” and I shall come alive in a form more awesome than human mind can imagine.

Since there is no conscious awareness in death, it doesn’t matter if ten billion years elapse before you are resurrected back to life.  As far as your ability to know, to be aware, to realize anything is concerned as soon as you breathe out your last breath you are changed from mortal to immortal.  Again, a great deal of time might pass between the moment your heart stops beating and you are resurrected in a marvelous spirit body, but, as far as you are concerned, as much as you can discern or perceive, your heart stops and in the next instant of awareness you live again regardless of how much time passes.  If the resurrection occurs in the year 2045, those who died in 1765, or 1544, or 1924 will feel as though it is still the year, the month, the day on which they died!!!!

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