Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama is no fool.  He knew quite well his constant wearing of a ring bearing the inscription of the shahada (the Muslim statement of belief) would eventually be public knowledge.  Yet he chose to continue to wear the ring.  After all it looked much like nothing more than a wedding band.  He knew his very name belied his beliefs and background.  He knew his refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin for years would cause some to wonder.  He knew his birthplace would be called into question early on.  He knows the Islamic mindset far better than we do.  His father was an open Muslim.  He attended a Muslim school as a boy.  He knew using floodlights to color the White House with the gay rights colors immediately after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled all states must honor same-sex marriages would but inflame Islamic radicals around the world.

I have no doubt any longer that it is his intention to bring this country down, if at all possible, while still in office.  He is no friend of Christianity.  He can sing “Amazing Grace” until his face turns blue.  That was a politician expert at his craft singing those words.  We have the worst person possible in the White House (this article was originally written in June of 2016) for the times in which we live.  He knows his time is short.  You can believe he will use the next few months to further the cause of Islam as much as possible before departing the scene.  Be warned.

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