A Difficult Task

I wish I could impart to others with just a few typed words what it has taken my Creator and LORD many long decades to impart to my mind.  But that, of course, is impossible.  There are just too many factors to be considered, too much that works against such a possibility.  It’s almost like an English speaking person trying to get someone who speaks Chinese, and not a word of any other language, to understand some technical issue that necessitates recourse to many technical terms.  It just can’t be done.  Why would God choose to open the mind and understanding of someone who was a disgusting rebel for so long while passing over countless decent believers who have lived circumspect lives – lives worthy of man’s approval and affirmation?  One has tremendous difficulty trying to understand the human mind without tackling the task of comprehending divine, super-intelligent, God-mind!!!
If I attain to the age of my parents, I will yet live another three or four years.  That’s not all that long.  Look at a four year old child.  They haven’t been around very long, have they?  It is an incurable delusion of the human mind that we always have a tomorrow ahead of us.  We continually make plans for those tomorrows.  They are as sure as…….were you about to think “death and taxes?”  Yes, it is death that is sure and certain.  We might get an exemption from our taxes.  We can sometimes evade our taxes.  There will be no exemption from death.  We will not evade death, not this generation (and I think I have the Spirit of the Lord in saying that).
To many the Bible is “the Good Book.”  Millions believe it to be an inspired book, inspired by none other than Almighty God Himself.  Millions believe it, or at least believe their understanding of it.  Multitudes obey its precepts and injunctions.  We who do so are in the minority of course.  And it usually takes us a good part of our earthly pilgrimage to really reach that point, a place where we really and truly – and continuously – strive diligently to obey the Word of God.  Then, and only then, do we realize the benefits of doing so.  We find that Jesus did come back from the dead; that He did ascend to the Father’s side in heaven; that He does interact remarkably and dramatically in the lives of those who fully submit their entire selves to His guidance and control,  and that he does answer prayer – our prayers.  He even heals us of physical ailments and diseases – aliments medical science declares to be incurable.  My COPD is actually no more.  No more bronchitis.  No more gastric reflux.  No more trigger finger.  Not because I am a “holy Joe.”  But, “according to your faith be it done unto you” coupled with simple child-like obedience to the risen LORD – that’s all it takes.  A tall order to most, I’m sure.  But faith comes by hearing the Word of God, so says the apostle Paul.  Those who read the Bible infrequently possess little faith as the scripture cannot be broken.  It says what it says – and it means what it says.  And a shaky faith coupled with sporadic obedience to some of the Bible’s injunctions and precepts accomplishes little or nothing.  It’s like buying a new car and never putting gas in the tank or oil in the engine.  Don’t be surprised when you turn the ignition the engine doesn’t start.  Surprise, surprise, surprise!
Yes, I wish I could get into the minds of others what the Lord has imparted to me.  My successes are few and far between.  This world is just too up front, too real, to all-pervasive.  And Satan does his job well and has plenty of help.  (Remember one unclean spirit speaking through a demon possessed man was asked by Jesus Christ what was his name.  His answer?  “My name is Legion, for we are many.”  A Roman legion consisted of 5000 soldiers!  See Mark 5:9).  Hence, an ISIS terrorist might not be merely demon possessed, guided or led by a spirit agent of Satan.  He might be motivated by many such spirits.  Satan doesn’t have to be omnipresent.  He has enough fallen spirits under his control to relegate many dozens to every human being who opens the way for his entrance into their life.   Of course, this being the super clear thinking 21st Century, the idea of a member of the evolved human species being “demon possessed” is laughable to most.  Let’s see how loud they laugh as the Islamic terrorist begins to slice through their neck with a razor sharp beheading knife or detonates the dynamite strapped to his, or her, waist as they stand in the same room where they have just ordered dessert!  God help us all to understand and to believe before we close our eyes in death.
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