Serial Killers Wanted

The Syrian members of ISIS are nothing more or less than serial killers who have found them a vehicle they can exploit to “do their thing”, which is slaughtering as many innocent, unsuspecting people as possible.  Think of it: an entire nation, as it were, of serial killers.  That’s exactly what they are.  Their numbers are growing because this old world has plenty of potential serial killers who will gladly enlist in ISIS in order to whet their blood thirst and do so without fear of arrest and execution.  You will see more and more recruits joining the Syrian murderers coming from countries far and wide.  The macabre videos of beheadings will draw many such perverted minds to embrace Islam.

As I have stated before, Islam will continue to grow and make inroads around the world in countries long regarded as “Christian” nations.  Those who argue for  bringing more and more Muslim refugees into the United States assure that in time the United States of America will join ranks with many other countries now regarded as Muslim nations.  This is an inevitability and but a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  Although it might not occur in your lifetime, it will occur.

I am not all that bothered by the fact that Iran appears to be on the brink of producing nuclear weapons, the most troubling thing about an Islamic nuclear power is that one already exists: Pakistan, an Islamic nation that harbored Osama bin Ladin next door to one of its military bases for years!  Pakistan is credited with possessing a hundred nuclear weapons right now.  Where other countries will not use their’s, Pakistan WILL!  I just hope our generation passes from the scene before that day arrives, but you can believe that day is coming sooner or later.

Christ’s Servant (Galatians 1:10),

Donald Wiley

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